Can you cash a ripped check

Can you cash a ripped check

If you possess a ripped or damaged check, here is what you could do in order to be able to cash that check and receive the money.

If you received the check as a gift or some sort of payment for your services there are two possibilities: you could either deposit it or cash in the corresponding bank. If by accident it has been ripped – there is still a possibility to cash it out.

I. General rules applying to checks, either valid or ripped

1. The cashier will use a machine for the process of verification. If the check is completely ripped and torn – it might not be suitable to be processed by the machine. The check needs to be printed with special magnetic ink to be processed by the magnetic ink recognition machine.

2. Ensure the check is valid. A valid check will have any of the following characteristics:
- Issuer’s name
- Account number
- The amount of the check. It needs to be in numbers and words
- The date the check was issued
- The paper of the check is different than normal plain sheet paper
- The signature of the check’s issuer

3. Find out if the person who issued the check is financially ok by
- Acquiring the full name
- The complete and up-to-date home address
- The most recent phone number
- Driver’s license number
- Any other passport or card number

Those will help you verify if the issuer has enough funds to cover the amount issued with the check. The bank could obtain information.

4. Make sure your details are correctly written on the check
- If your name does not match with the one over the documents you provide to verify your identity cashing out will be refused.
- If the check is instead issued to a business name, the bank might deposit the funds to the business account, and does not let you cash out in one go

5. The check date is important
- Missing or inaccurate issue date, either by being ripped or thorn will probably turn the check invalid
- Beware not to cash out late. If you try to get your money 6 months after the withdrawn date – the banker has the right to refuse serving the check

6. The check amount written in words should match the numerical amount
- The amount written should match on both places, otherwise cashing out will be refused
7. Check signature
- It must be valid. Ask the issuer to show some other signed documents to ensure the signature is correct.

8. Sign under endorse here section in the bank
- The cash withdrawer should sign under the “endorse here” section. Usually at the back of the check.
- If more than one person – all of them should put their signatures under the section.

II. Cashing a ripped or thorn check

1. The process might be different for every different bank.

2. Bring your check or the pieces to the banker. Ask if it could be processed, even though it was accidentally ripped.

3. It is important all the information on the ripped check to be visible and still valid.

4. If not possible to be cashed out the ripped check could be returned to the issuer, so he issues a replacement check.

5. If the tear is insignificant and the important information of the ripped check is intact (e.g. number, signature, date, name, etc..) there should not be a problem cashing it. If the damage to the ripped check is significant, call the issuer and ask for a replacement check as quickly as possible. Most companies have strict policies how to handle ripped check. Some may ask you to post it back to them so they can destroy the ripped check internally.

6. If the bank is going to charge you for the ripped check, you might look at some alternative banks before proceeding.

In conclusion – it is frustrating and difficult to deal with a ripped check situation. Timing is essential. Try with the ripped check immediately in a bank, and if not successful don’t delay asking for replacement of the torn check at the issuer.